Presentations and Discussions

As unschoolers we love to share information and our experiences.  If you want to gain knowledge from the experiences of others attending a talk or a discussion is a wonderful way to do that.  It is also a wonderful way to meet new friends!

This years presentations and talks!
  • Unschooling Basics
  • Talking Teens
  • Unschooling Q & A
  • Dads Panel
  • Transgender Talk
  • Grown Unschoolers Panel
  • Video Games: A Gamer’s Life
  • How Relationships Build Sucess
  • College
  • Socialization
  • SSUDS (secret society of unschooling dads)
  • SSUMS (secret society of unschooling moms)
  • Talking Unschooling and Deschooling
  • Unschooling: Snapshot of Families
  • My Kids Are Grown, Now What?