It's hard to explain what the Northeast Unschooling Conference is like. There's joy and there's chaos, laughter and tears, lots of silliness, hugs all over the place, play, learning, fun, and struggle. There are always lots and lots of questions, and all different kinds of answers.

Presentations at the Northeast Unschooling Conference are wonderful places to learn and discuss many aspects of unschooling, with topics to interest everybody. We'll have presentations and chats that will challenge you and excite you. Our presenters not only share their wisdom in scheduled slots, but also take joy in getting to know new unschoolers and becoming friends.

are a great way to play, explore, learn new skills, and try new things you never thought about in a safe environment with people who are passionate.

On Friday there's the Talent Show, where performers from professional musicians to two year olds doing somersaults to well, interesting acts, are equally admired.  Saturday will be a Cosplay Day, with a Cosplay Show, followed by our Masquerade Dance and Everyone's Birthday Celebration. There's the Untrepeurial Fair throughout the conference, where you can sell your creative wares. There's the picnic, where everyone relaxes and chats and plays.

There are unschooled teens and young adults who will take your breath away.  There are wee ones that will make your face hurt from smiling. There are loving parents all about. There are more new friends than you could have imagined.

Check out the pictures and read some of the words of past attendees, but the best thing is to experience it yourself.

"It was my first conference, although we have been unschooling 7 years and my kids have never been to school, and I felt ENERGIZED and RENEWED that we are soo on the right path..and it made me *want* to go to more conferences throughout the whole country, if possible. It was so great to see other mindful happy parents and confident and HAPPY young people."

"The conference was amazing. It just keeps getting better year after year. My family and I get so recharged and can't wait for the next one!"
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"This conference feels like home to me."