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Kelly Lovejoy started unschooling her boys, Cameron (30) and Duncan (22), after pulling Cameron out of a college prep school after 6th grade. Duncan never went to school. Her third child was the Live and Learn Unschooling Conference, which was the very first conference devoted entirely to unschooling and spawned all unschooling conferences that followed, including the Northeast Unschooling Conference.
She stepped away from the unschooling scene a few years ago to move to NC and build a house. She was the architect, general contractor, and designer of her "Death House" in the mountains of NC. She is now working hard to turn her ten acres of pasture into a working Far Flung Farm.
Currently Cameron is a working poet, writing and dancing in far away New Orleans. Duncan is still at home; he is in college working towards his mathematics/computer major.

Marji to a now-grown, always unschooled human (the most awesome human I know); lover and partner to my darling Alfredo; professional performing musician; and parent coach/educator in practice since 2012.
 I live in the Catskill Mountains region of New York in an old country-church-made-into-a-home, I perform a lot, help and support parents to learn more peaceful ways A LOT, and I snuggle our elder kitty Zamm (who's STILL afraid of Alfredo). I also garden and bike and cook and totally love this life!!!

Bio coming soon
Bio coming soon
Sylvia Woodman is insatiably curious. She loves meeting new people, traveling to new places, having new experiences, tasting new foods, and learning new things! She has been learning, thinking, and writing about unschooling for more than 8 years. She spends time on FB helping out on several unschooling groups including Radical Unschooling Info and Unschooling Q&A. She also spent over a decade volunteering with her local La Leche League Group. Sylvia has been married to her husband Jim for over 17 years and they have two children Gabriella (14) and Harry (12), who have never been to school.

Tabitha Carty-Mercier is an unschooling mom of two teen boys, Kevin and Aaron.  She is married to her husband, Bradley, and they live in Salem, MA.  Tabitha is a gamer and a computer geek with a passion for programming. She is heavily involved in the maker movement and combat robots.  As her two boys have overcome many challenges, Tabitha has become a strong supporter of parents homeschooling children that face adversity of their own.  She is currently starting her own business in information technology and continuing her path of life long learning. 
Bonnie Cummings
Bonnie Cummings is mom to the three best kids ever, Meredith 18, Tess 16, and Emmett 10.  Wife to Chris, greatest husband ever.  Unschooler since 2006 when Meredith decided she wanted to be a 'Kindergarten drop out!"