"But what about socialization!?" How to handle homeschooling most asked question Dani DuBois
Hear Dani talk about how she deals with the question of socialization. Learn ways to feel confident in the possible debate with others in your choice to homeschool.

Getting Through the Day with Peace, Laughter, and Joy, and Without Killing Each
Other  Marji Zintz
When you home-educate your kids, you spend a *lot* of time with them. You'll enjoy your relationship a lot more with your learners if you don't murder them. But how??? Let's answer that challenging question!

But What About College?        Kelly Lovejoy
One of the most common questions unschooling families are asked is "But what about college? Many unschoolers choose to enter college and do REALLY well! Kelly's radically unschooled younger son Duncan (now 22) is in college now, majoring in mathematics/computer science---without a single math class before starting college! We'll talk about diplomas and transcripts, the admissions process, "special student" status, professors' expectations, testing immaturity, that "first week," and how and why unschoolers are so successful.

Pulling your Child out of School---What to Expect        Kelly Lovejoy
Making the decision to pull your child out of school can be liberating, but it can also be daunting! Kelly withdrew her son Cameron (now 30) from school at the end of sixth grade. There are tricks, pitfalls, advantages, and lots of unexpected surprises---good and bad. We will explore how to do it; when to do it; what to expect from family, school officials (AND your child's friends!); and how to make the transition, i.e., "What Do I Do Monday?" She'll share what she and Cameron experienced and help navigate you toward a smooth(er) transition.

Sex, Drugs, & Drinking (chat)        Kelly Lovejoy
Few subjects cause parents as much anxiety as sex, drugs, and drinking! Bring your questions and concerns. We'll discuss age-appropriate behavior, what to expect, what to prepare for, and how to navigate this period. It's not as scary as you may be imagining!

Parents and Video games        Tabby Carty-Mercier
Have a question about video games, systems, or computers? Just want to talk through concerns about games your kids are playing or perhaps want to share in this passion of your child's? Come and discus it with Tabby. She plays games on, xbox, ps3, ps4, pc, Nintendo, and android. She has lots of experience and fun with gaming and is happy to share her passion.

Unschooling children with challenges and special needs        Tabby Carty-Mercier
This is a discussion about unschooling kids that have special needs in some form. From autism.. to anxiety.. to epilepsy, they all make life a bit more of a challenge.

All About Transgender        Michael Greenspan and Emmet Dupont
Transgender people have been in the media a lot recently. But what does Transgender even mean? What's it like to be Transgender? And what's it like to be, or know a Transgender child or teen? Bring your questions, experiences, and thoughts.

Finances for Unschoolers        Jim Woodman
 Money is often tight, but unschooling families can have different priorities than families that send their children to school. In this session, Jim will cover basic financial planning, including some specific points that unschoolers should consider.

There will be many more presentations and chats!