This is a list of some of the program choices for last year's conference. We always try to cover the basics that concern people, for both beginning and more experienced unschoolers. We try to make sure there's something for everyone! This year's offerenings will be available soon.

Sharing the Joy of Unschooling!
Unschooling Your TeensSSUDS: Secret Society of Unschooling Dads
SSUMS: Secret Society of Unschooling Moms
Teen Panel
Dads Panel
Young Adult Unschooler Panel
Screen time, Video games, and Sleep
Chores, Food, and Hygiene
Algebra, Transcripts, and Getting Into College
Unschooling Through your Child's Challenges
Unschooling and Improving Your Relationship/Marriage
Supporting Kids' Interests
The Differences Between Unschooling and Unparenting
Unschooling 101
Just not into that: How to connect with your offspring when their tastes and passions don't click with you